At first glance, one only sees the facade of a rather hostile looking concrete building. However, looking at the last row of windows, the reflection of a nearby tree emerges. To me, this unexpected interruption of the building’s monotony by nature showcases the fundamental misunderstanding we often fall prey to when thinking about the environment and society. We look at them as two separate entities, forgetting that this dichotomy negates the true relationship between nature and society: We are part of nature as much as nature is within each one of us. In the context of the ongoing climate crisis this tree is a subtle reminder that we should never forget the inseparability between humanity and the environment.


I grew up in Vienna, Austria before moving to London where I completed my undergraduate studies in Economics and Politics. Analog photography has been a passion of mine for many years by now. Currently, I am enrolled in a master’s degree in socio-ecological economic policy in Vienna and am intrigued by the idea of combining my area of study with photographic projects and techniques. My main interests lie in depicting and showcasing authentic human existence, be it in moments of joy or sorrow. At the same time, I am discovering the beauty of photographing nature and humanity’s relationship with it,  which I am exploring with increasing passion.



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