Home is an extensive documentation about the demise of the English industrial working class as a consequence of Neoliberal ideology. It is a result of Robert having created 10 books called THE PEOPLE WORKING SERIES, published by Penguin’s imprint Kestrel. It is also a result of another book of Robert’s about the plague of unemployment, called DOWN THE ROAD, published by the Writers and Readers Publishing Cooperative, when John Berger was associated with them.


has produced many photo-stories for magazines, newspapers, (Nova, the Weekend Telegraph, New York Times Book Reviews, the Radio Times, Good Housekeeping and many others) and books (Penguin, Heinemann, Fontana, the Smithsonian in Washington, etc); written/directed over 40 documentaries, 2 award winning feature films and 900 TV commercials. He has written 3 plays, 40 film scripts, 1 novel, poems, and essays about photography, politics and culture. 

Recently he has been teaching young people about Democracy and about photo/film-storytelling for various EU projects, to instigate humane social change. 

His novel, A FORGETTABLE MAN, has been re-published and a collection of essays called A ROLE FOR ARTISTS IN TROUBLED TIMES was published in January 2019. He filmed a ‘lockdown’ opera by Nigel Osborne called OSMAN AND HIS SNAILS in support of a human rights prisoner, which has had more than 15 million views. He wrote a book of short essays called A ROLE FOR ARTISTS – Post Covid, and has just released, to positive responses, THIS GOOD EARTH, a documentary about soil and climate change, landscape and species extinction and food, diets and disease will be released worldwide in April 2022. It has been supported by the Soil Association, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, The Transition Network, and recently by the Royal Society of Arts. Currently he is writing a book called TRANSIENT LIGHT, FLEETING TIME – Thinking About Photography.





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