Open the black boxes!

Open the black boxes is a participatory digital art project founded on the principle of “think global – act local”. It invites people across the world to submit a Single Word online in reply to one of two questions:  What threatens you the most? What are you most eager to preserve?”  The project opened recently the launching event of MERA25 in Germany with the artistic video you can see now in our gallery.

Open the black boxes is a collaboration between the Greek artist Danae Stratou and the non-profit organisation Vital Space, a global, interdisciplinary, cross-media art platform addressing the pressing issues of our time.

The project builds upon the physical installation IT’S TIME TO OPEN THE BLACK BOXES! that Danae Stratou has exhibited across Europe, each time inviting people from the diverse local communities to participate: Athens (2012); Krems (2016); Paris (2017); Mallorca, (2017); London (2018); Ghent (2019). #opentheblackboxes

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