SOME DAY: A Piece about Civil Rights


‘Some Day’ presents civil rights movements as an ongoing struggle for equity over time. Within this larger context is the story of the civil rights movement in Derry in the Northwest of Ireland – the precursor to it, how it was influenced by movements in the Southern States of the USA, and how it was eventually overshadowed by a violent Nationalist struggle.

The piece also draws upon the changing role of communications in the modern world – from connecting people in the past to its capacity to divide, polarize and influence political discourse in the present. Commissioned by Walled City Music Festival and Arts Council of Northern Ireland in 2020.

Direction, Composition and Sound Editing: Christopher Norby

Visual Director: Mike Boddy


Flute – Sabrina Hu

Cello – Gerald Peregrine

Piano/Synth – Cathal Breslin

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