I paint with a credit card, a symbol of the ruthless profit, endangering the future of our Planet. Then I let a machine, my personal robot, draw over it, which supports Vilem Flussers notion about the universe of machines overlapping the universe of humans. Like in Virilios article, abstract background doesn’t indicate any space, locking us in a “claustrophobic world without any depth or horizon”.  This dark, hopeless, claustrophobic and depressed world is a result of techno-giants, attempting to control the world. By exposing it this way, I call for a fair and ethic use of technology, to be used for a genuine well-being of everyone. I am exposing it this way, to highlight the need for a fair and ethic application of technology, which should be used for a genuine well-being of everyone.


In the 1990’s, I was a member of a global artistic movement, called net.art. We were investigating the influence of technology on individuals and the society, focusing on its possible misuse. My net.art projects were exhibited around the world, and even New York Times wrote about them. Later I created several installations, artists books and objects, further investigating issues of the growing inequality, injustice and climate change. In my latest work I create paintings, where I combine a human, organic touch with industrial icons created by a machine. I am M.A. of visual arts and an assistant professor of the new media art at Arthouse college in Ljubljana. 


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