Will to Power Inlaga Tankoubon


Brandels’ artistic practice is an exploration on the photo novel as a discipline. His work reflects on fact and fiction as well as the political aspects of the individual within the collective. The storytelling is built upon a collection of inspiration from popular cultural references such as comics, movies and video games. Based on this, he writes and stages photographic series to portray his different stories. 


Ivar Brandels is a photographer and photo novel maker from Stockholm, Sweden. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at HDK-Valand in Gothenburg, Sweden. Ivar has been exhibiting at different venues in Sweden, such as the Comics Festival in Western Sweden (Seriefest i väst), Gothenburg’s House for Litterature (Göteborgs litteraturhus) and at the Center for Photography (Centrum för fotografi) in Stockholm, among others. He has received grants from Stockholm Municipality, Gothenburg Muncipality, KulturUngdom and the Adlerbertska Foundation.


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