Assange’s Voice


This song was especially crafted for the DiemVoice’s Open Call, although complies with a wider ongoing music project incorporating contemporary thinkers’ speeches mixed with electronic dance music. Using vintage gear and aesthetics and carefully re-assembling ‘vocals’ from Assange’s latest online interview, this piece is attempting to make an immediate impression of what he stands for, in the form of a rather amusing music piece. Mimicking previous revolutionary music styles that use vocal samples, (ex. M.L.King, Malcolm X), the piece is made to be a weird combination between philosophy and music, using its internal rhythmic structure to shake both mind and body.



‘Armageddon’ is a music-activist project of Tasos Stamou, a UK based Greek electroacoustic music composer and performer, music technologist and tutor. ‘Armageddon’ was created during last year to fulfil the new needs to express his sociopolitical concerns and positions. Engaging with music styles that are more accessible than his usual avant-garde sound art, Armageddon uses hacked and recycled electronic gear and basic lyrics about freedom, equality, solidarity, anti-totalitarianism. His theatrically harsh attitude stands for all progressive movements’ frustration and concerns about social issues, getting inspiration from previous revolutionary music movements such as new wave, punk, rave and industrial.

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