A new consciousness is arriving on this planet

Despite what you see in the streets

Or in print

Despite the sorrow

Despite the destruction and death

in unjust wars

Despite the politicians’ quibbling

Or the frivolity on your TV screen

Despite the greed, the fraud, the lies

Despite and inspire of these

A change is coming

A long-awaited awakening is happening

Despite the confusion

Despite the emptiness

The fear

An aspiration is awakening

A thirst to know, to see, beyond the seeming

Beyond the illusion

We are caught in and live

We want, we need it

And a change is coming

A new consciousness, a higher us

Is slowly manifesting

The new paradigm

The shift we’ve waited for, yearned for

Is happening

Reach out, take part,


Intend the change



Here is one of my poems which is relevant, though not directly to do with Julian. It has to do with all the negatives which overwhelm us in todays world but it also has an optimistic tone that in spite all, we will overcome.



I am a member of DiEM and I have been following and posting about Julian for a while now.


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