fake news


It must be difficult for the media outlets, twisting the truth to present to the public a fake reality, while maintaining some credibility. It was easy to do before the internet opened up the Pandora’s Box of information. Then Wikileaks allowed whistle blowers to reveal the truth, making it harder for the “Spin Doctors” and embarrassing the wrong doers. Julian Assange represents the game-changer that they want to punish, to discourage others who follow in his footsteps, but the harder they try, the more of a martyr and a hero he becomes.



Living in Australia, I have been writing scripts for short plays for Short + Sweet – an international short play festival. Videos of some of them are on YouTube. Now my focus is becoming short films. I am passionate about justice and promotion of renewable energy.

I have been partaking in the demonstrations in Sydney calling for Assange’s release, along with John Shipton – Julian’s biological father and other dedicated activists like Tony Wakeham, who has been demonstrating at Sydney Town Hall for 68 consecutive Fridays – rain, hale or shine! Let Julian go free!

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