I dream of a revolution


Video ambience ‘I Dream of a Revolution’ consists of two video installations. The sleeper on a glowing headboard is dreaming. He is a representative of the humanity who dreams of change. In order for a radical change to occur, it is necessary to wake up. The second ‘Between Worlds’- shows projections of the glowing mass dominate the space, slowly blending and nullifying the distance between moving images and observer. In the middle of the glowing space shoots of treetops in bloom, under which people celebrate life, are multi-layered filling idyllic scenes of waking life with ominous undertones of the glowing mass.



From Serbia Anica Vučetić studied a the University of Arts in Belgrade – Faculty of Fine Arts: Graduate Studies – Bachelor of Arts, Painting (1981/86); Postgraduate Studies – Magister of Arts (1986/89). 


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