Imagining Julian Assange free


We placed Julian Assange’s statue, made by artist Davide Dormino, in the nature, searching for an answer to what makes us free human beings? Assange would say “knowing about the world“. But what is the basis of knowing? ‘Pure awareness“. Aware of the wind, aware of the sound of the moving trees, aware of the wild geesE, who are a symbol for freedom… Feeling, touching the fresh grass, watching the sunrise, being able to understand the world and ourselves, who we really are. Regardless of having an imprisoned body or not, being able to understand brings us a deep kind of confidence and this makes us free. “Imagining Julian Assange free” is a contemplation about Freedom and Humanity



Clara López Rubio is a film historian with a degree in directing from the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin (dffb). Among her publications, the book “Sueños de aviación y tierra de España”, Schüren publishing house, about cinema based on the Spanish Civil War. Her first documentary as a director is HACKING JUSTICE (2021). Also a member of DIEM25.

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