Let the Walls of Belmarsh Fall Down- Free Assange


Let the Walls of Belmarsh Fall Down- Free Assange’  is structured into two layers (narrative is included in both layers of composition presented in a free and fragile form): alto sax score layer and electronic score layer. The first score symbolically depicts the voice of the man imprisoned without any legal cause, deprived of basic rights and his life intentionally exposed to threat. The second score, raw and tense electronic, depicts notorious institution of Belmarsh prison.



Karlo Javorski has been active in the Belgrade improvisation/free jazz and expanded media (performance and theatre) scene from late 70s till 90s, up until the start of the war in Yugoslavia, which ceased them from performing live. From the beginning of 2000s he started an ongoing project of making mostly improvised music for solo alto sax or sax and electronic.

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