Once Upon A Time There Was A Man Who Told The Truth

Once upon a time there was a man who told the truth. He had help from many other brave people to expose what he discovered. His revelations spread around the world and as millions of people learned of the “collateral damages” as well as many other lies, deceptions and cover-ups the truth could no longer be hidden. Although many seekers wanted to share the facts there were others who used their power and influence to try to hide all their falsehoods.

The man who loved the truth was persecuted and imprisoned. His supporters worked tirelessly to get everyone to understand how vital it was that he should be free and unimpeded from his devotion to truth. If he was silenced the world would be impoverished, driven further into a dark web of lies and untruths.

His allies encouraged the man to not let his spirit be broken but every day of his incarceration made his body and his mind weaker. The forces against him grew stronger and not enough people understood the gravity of his quest to reveal crimes against humanity. The man worried that he would die and that his sacrifices would be in vain. His deepest wish was that by exposing the truth men and women would rise up everywhere to demand that the powerful could no longer cover-up their lies. He hoped that the truth would create a world without ignorance, hate and endless wars.

Time was short. The path was fraught with difficulty and pain. But for those fighting against the truth they knew that the man had already won. It was written into the future that this man was right and in the end truth always prevails over tyranny.



As a longtime supporter of Julian’s struggle for freedom I have written letters of support to Julian, made financial donations to his legal team, written letters to my local MP and Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada but am frustrated at the inability of anything I have done to make a difference to getting Julian released from prison. I wish my story could be read by everyone and that in some small way along with millions of others it would finally make a difference to ensuring his release. 



Sharman is a storyteller who writes fiction and non-fiction. She devotes her time to historical research and is an active member of PETA. In 1998 after she authored a CD-ROM on the history of Western fashion she attended the Canadian Film Centre where she developed a new media project profiling people whose passions have become their careers. Sharman is the author of short stories as well as a play inspired by her youth that was partly spent in Yemen. It is her hope that the play will draw attention to the immense suffering endured by the Yemeni people.


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