You Know

in this country      a man who is in prison for telling the truth      has had to endure solitary confinement      because they know      they know      the professional torturers      that if you want t

o destroy a person’s mind      you deprive them of conversation      you deprive them of stimulation      you leave them in indefinite lockdown      you deprive them of human touch      because they know      they the professional torturers know      that such a prisoner      cannot bear to live like this      they know that the prisoner      may start to hear voices      can hallucinate presences      may lose their minds forever      because that’s what happens when a person is buried alive      and you know      no one has the right      no one has the right to exile a human being from humanity      and those that think that they have this right      to erase people from humanity      to erase a single person as a person      they turn themselves into humanity’s gravest danger




This brief conversational prose poem rests on the thought that either people already know of the deliberate attempt to break Assange or, if they don’t, they will know by the end of it. It further suggests that if what it raises is common knowledge then we should protest in unison.CAROLINE


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